Magnetizing X-Wing Miniatures Models – Wave X Ships

Fantasy Flight Games released the remaining ships from Wave X this week (end of January/beginning of February 2017) for the X-Wing Miniatures game and I ended up magnetizing the models the day after I got them. I had already magnetized the TIE Striker and I never bought the U-Wing, so this just covers the three new ships.


This one was very easy to do, using the drill to make the recessed hole. This is a sturdy little model and easy to hold while drilling. Too bad all of the ships weren’t this easy.

Magnetizing X-Wing Miniatures Models - Quadjumper

Sabine’s TIE Fighter

Another TIE Fighter, and I hate magnetizing the TIE Fighters. I wasn’t even going to buy this one (I don’t play rebels) but my son said he wanted me to get it…who am I to say no to a new ship. The issue I have with TIE Fighters is that there is barely anything to hold onto, and it’s easy to break a wing off as you can see below:

Magnetizing X-Wing Miniatures Models - Sabine's TIE Fighter

I should have just flattened the bottom of the ship with the rotary tool so the magnet would sit flush, but since it’s a unique TIE I decided to countersink the magnet. After a bit of drilling, the bit was catching on the ship and at one point I just wanted to power through (not a good idea) which caused a wing to bend. It didn’t outright snap off, but I just pulled it off the rest of the way to finish the drilling. Fortunately breaking parts off of these models isn’t that big of a deal since a little glue will fix it right up.

Magnetizing X-Wing Miniatures Models - Sabine's TIE Fighter

Upsilon-class Shuttle

Another easy ship to drill out a hole. Lots of flat space on the bottom and areas to hold onto. I ended up using the peg hole’s location as the hole for the magnet since it was in a good central spot.

Magnetizing X-Wing Miniatures Models - Upsilon-class Shuttle


Magnetizing X-Wing Miniatures Models