Storage for X-Wing Miniatures Models

There are a lot of reddit posts about storage for X-Wing Miniatures models, from cases with cut outs specific to each ship to (like Feldherr or Battle Foam cases) to tackle boxes and small organizers. The former tend to look better but they are also a lot more expensive, especially as your collection grows over time.

The tackle boxes like the Plano 1374 hold a lot of ships but they tend to be a lot larger and inconvenient when you are on your way somewhere to play. And that leaves the small organizers. A lot of people recommend Stanley organizers and I actually got a comparable Husky organizer as my first, but even that is larger than I want to carry around. What I ended up getting was Home Depot’s HDX branded organizers. The benefits are that these are smaller than the Stanley or Husky ones, they come as a 2 pack for 10 bucks (cheap!), and they are stackable and interlocking.

HDX Storage for X-Wing Miniatures Models

Rather than bringing my entire collection, I just bring one or two of the organizers and lock them together making them easier to carry. Since they are smaller they don’t hold as many ships, but so far I’ve been able to fit all of the factions into one case each. And if you need to get more, they are pretty cheap and you can set them up so that specific ships are together in an organizer. So if you think you’ll be flying one or two certain lists that day, just make sure those ships are together and grab that box.

HDX Storage for X-Wing Miniatures Models

Packing foam from old product boxes was also used to hold the ships in place. I carved out the shape of each ship in the foam and sometimes I will have to pull out the foam and get a new piece as I buy more ships to fit them in nicely. One of the organizers is devoted to tokens, ship cards, dials, etc. and I can see that one running out of room fast if I want to keep every dial and ship card in it. All of the imperial ship cards are in that one right now, along with all of the imperial and scum dials, but the rebel ship cards are in the rebel organizer. The same goes for the scum ship cards, taking a spot in the scum organizer.

I also don’t carry the actual pilot and upgrade cards with me as I just print out my lists (I only play casual with my brother-in-law), so that is saving a lot of space. Most people put those in binders or separate boxes anyways.

Imperial Storage

Storage for X-Wing Miniatures Models - Imperials

Rebel Storage

I don’t really play rebels at (I’ve played rebels once so far) so my rebel collection is pretty small. I also didn’t organize this box very well since I’m waiting until I get more rebel ships to figure out how they will sit in the case.

Storage for X-Wing Miniatures Models - Rebels

Scum Storage

Storage for X-Wing Miniatures Models - Scum

Storage for everything else

This box is getting crowded. I may need to get another one or just cave in and eventually throw everything in the larger Husky organizer. But for now this works perfectly fine.

Storage for X-Wing Miniatures Models - Tokens and cards


X-Wing Miniatures Models