wesleyI started collecting model trains in February 2013 and have since built a train table, set up an HO layout with Kato Unitrack, and have been building mostly wood kits (and a few plastic kits) for my layout. One of these days I’d like to actually start on scenery [which I finally did – check out this post and this one too].

I enjoy reading about other’s stories on how they started with the hobby and their ongoing efforts with the various aspects of model railroading, and so I thought I’d write my story one post at a time for anyone who cares to take this journey with me. I’m still an amateur especially concerning painting/weathering structures but I’m enjoying it and learning new techniques from reading how others are doing them.

My son is 21 months old as of this post (Feb. 2014), and he already loves playing with his wooden train set and watching the real thing. We’ve taken him to several train museums and to see the Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 before it leaves for Wyoming. He’s also gone with me to the model train store almost every time I’ve been there, and the owners probably remember him more than they remember me. My guess is that by the time I start working on scenery for my train table, he will be old enough to help out!

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