Magnetizing X-Wing Miniatures Models – Latest Wave X Ships

Fantasy Flight Games released the remaining ships from Wave X this week (end of January/beginning of February 2017) for the X-Wing Miniatures game and I ended up magnetizing the models the day after I got them. I had already magnetized the TIE Striker and I never bought the U-Wing, so this just covers the three […]

Magnetizing X-Wing Miniatures Models – Imperial Ships

As I continue magnetizing X-Wing Miniatures models, it’s time to show the Imperial ships. The first ship I magnetized when I started doing this was the TIE Phantom. I think I chose it because it was my favorite ship and I wanted to have it magnetized first. A better idea would have been to do […]

Magnetizing X-Wing Miniatures Models – Scum and Villainy

Previously I showed how I added steel balls to the pegs on the X-Wing Miniatures models to get everything magnetized. Now it’s time to add some of the ring magnets to the ships. These are the Scum and Villainy ships that I’ve done. The first step is to remove the peg from the bottom of […]

Magnetizing X-Wing Miniatures Models – Pegs and Steel Balls

I recently started playing the X-Wing Miniatures game and I love the detailed models used for the game. The models sit on top of plastic pegs that are easy to break off, and the easiest way to avoid this issue is by magnetizing the models using small ring magnets on the ships and steel balls […]

OC Bridges Orangethorpe Tustin/Rose bridge construction timelapse

The OCTA OC Bridges Orangethorpe and Tustin/Rose bridge construction is done! It’s been pretty much finished for several months now, and during construction I was taking pictures of the progress. I tried to take pictures any time there was a noticeable change, but I forget to take pictures for months at a time. I was […]